The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

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TRAVLG™ adalah buku catatan perjalanan saya, sebuah travelogue. Bukan untuk menunjukkan eksistensi jiwa adventure ataupun traveler saya, karena saya bukanlah die-hard traveler meskipun saya ingin menjadi traveler sejati. TRAVLG ini hanyalah sebagai pengingat bagi saya pribadi (terutama), untuk mengingatkan sejauh mana langkah kaki ini terjejak.

So happy traveling and and of course save traveling for y'all guys

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who am I?


a traveler, a caffeine addict and a life-walker

My name is Bayuhen, a Man Utd's fan. Love traveling and also writes my very own blog and travelogue.
co gito ergo sum

Hello there, my name is Bayu, born as Indonesian and trying to be the citizen of the world. Short words about my home country, Indonesia, we have one of the most beautiful beaches, top surfing spot and wonderful under sea garden, the best panorama, uniqueness etc. But still I need to see the world.

For me traveling is not wasting your money, but it's a human need. We buy experiences not stuff.

Let's keep in touch, maybe we'll meet somewhere in the other side of the world...


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