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April 9, 2016

Crazy Rates From Booking.com!! Is It Real?

Today, one of my friend message me on facebook asking about a recommended hostel in Singapore. I always using booking.com to find lodging in affordable price, it’s pretty high rates if compare with his sister-website Agoda.com, but why I prefer using booking.com is that we don’t need to pay in advance (which is suitable for my flexible-traveling-style), we also can cancel our booking without pay any penny.

After read the message from my friend, I open booking.com to find out hostel rate for him, in the beginning of February 2017. Like usual, I set the lower price comes first in search result. But the result actually is not what I expected. The hotel who comes first in the list (which is the lowest price) is Amara Hotel Singapore!!!

I never book any room in Amara Singapore, but I know which clas this hotel is, it’s not a hostel, not a bung bed or capsule. And you know what how much their price for a day? it’s only Rp 57,339 or S$ 6.20 for 2 nights!!! even you can’t get a bunk bed in Singapore with this price!! It’s plus breakfast, and of course a good wi-fi.

I’m trying to make sure that my eyes just fine, I’m trying to make sure that my pc is just fine. It’s crazy…totally insane! I try to make sure that the currency I set is in Rupiah, not Baht or Yen…well it is. It’s in Rupiah. Are you kidding me???

Finally withoput any second thingkin, I booked the room!! I got nothing to lose anyway.

After booked a tripple deluxe room in Amara Singapore, I begin to search for another date, still in February. And I surprised for the second time. It’s Resort World Sentosa – Hotel Michael who comes first in the list which is the lowest price for 8 – 10 February!!!

You only need to pay later for Rp 249.700 or S$ 27!!! It’s 2 nights of Suite Deluxe room in a resort!! world resort!!

Again, I booked the room (without any plan going to Singapore for February).

Now what I hope it’s going to fine, I mean not a mistakes because the system or what. When I booked the rooms, it’s on smart deal offer. I just write an email to both hotel, to confrim about my booking. Soon after they answer it, we’ll know where this will go :).

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