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December 29, 2016
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Luang Prabang and Hanoi Buses

Taking a bus from Luang Prabang to Hanoi (and vice versa) takes 24 hours bus ride, can you imagine how uncomfort it is? even many travelers called it “Bus ride from Hell”. The bus fare is about 380,000 kip (Vientiane – Hanoi is only 230,000 kip). For me Luang Prabang is overpriced than any city in Laos, maybe this is because LPB is the main tourism higlights in Laos.

Exept di direct route bus, there are some options for alternative route to travel between Luang Prabang and Hanoi by overland.

  1. Luang Prabang (LPB) – Oudomxay – Muang Khua – Pang Hoak/Tay Trang border – Dien Bien Phu – Ha Noi
  2. LPB – Xiengkuang (Phonsavan) – Nam Khan/Nam Can border – ( Vinh ) – Ha Noi
  3. Luang Prabang – Sam Neua/Xam Neua – Nam Xoi/Na Meo border – Thanh Hoa – Hanoi

Option 1

Luang Prabang – Oudomxay

Luang Prabang and Oudomxay distance is 194 km. The bus leaves LPB from Northern Bus Station everyday at 09.00, 11.00 dan 15.00, the bus fares to Oudomxay is 80,000 kip for 7 hours bus ride. The bus will arrive at Oudomxay’s Southern Bus Station (5 km from down town), and as far as I know, there’s no sleeper bus for this route.

Oudomxay – Dien Bien Phu

Buses to Vietnam (Dien Bien Phu) depart from Northern Bus Station. This bus terminal is also a departure terminal for China’s bus and to  Luang Namtha. Bus to Dien Bien Phu depart at  8.30 and need for about 5 hours to arrive in the Vietnam’s town, the bus fare is 95,000 kip.

You can find more information about Oudomxay in Oudomxay Tourism blog.

Dien Bien Phu

From Dien Bien Phu, we can countinue to Hanoi (My Dinh). The bus departure is 04.30, 05.00 dan 06.00, and regularly from 16.00 to 21.15. The bus fare is 220.000 – 300.000 VND (depends on bus classes) for 10 hours bus ride.

You can also continue directly to Sa Pa. The Sa Pa bus depart at 06.00 (140.000 VND) and 06.30 (170.000 VND) for 6 hours trip.

Opsi 2

Luang Prabang – Phonsavan

Bus to Phonsavan (262 km) depart from LPB’s Southern Bus Station at 08.30 for 75,000 kip and will arrive to Phonsavan for next 10 hours.

Phonsavan – Vinh

From Provincial Bus Terminal in Phonsavan, you can find bus to Vinh or Hanoi easily.

Opsi 3

Luang Prabang – Sam Neau/Xam Neua

  • Minibus
  • 190.000 kip
  • Buy ticket in travel agent a day before
  • Picked up in hostel at 7.30
  • Depart at 8.30, Approx. arrive at 22.30.

Xam Neau – Thanh Hoa

Bus to Than Hoa in Vietnam depart at 7.30, bus fare is 180,000 kip (5 hours bus ride).

Than Hoa

From Than Hoa, we can go to Hanoi by bus or  train.

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