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December 10, 2016
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December 24, 2016

Iran – Armenia Crossing Border

Nordooz – Agarak: A beautiful, little-used border crossing with mountains on the Armenian side and stark desert as soon as you cross into/leave Iran. Traffic is very light here. Buses drive Yerevan – Tabriz/Tehran and Yerevan – Meghri/Agarak early morning; from Kapan and Karajan finding transport could prove tricky/expensive. From Meghri you will have to hitch or take a taxi for the remaining 8km to the border. On the Iranian side, taxis await to take you to Agarak, and onwards to Julfa (3$), from where public transport is available.

Experiences point to an easy, quick border crossing. Updates can be posted here. There is a cafeteria as well as several exchange offices on the Iranian side.

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