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Here's your guide to explore The TRAVLG™
Hello there! Do you feel a bit lost? Keep calm, you are in the right place! If you are here it’s because you probably landed on my website for the first time, so welcome toTRAVLG™. This page is your compass, I will show you how to browse the site and find the highlights or simply research for specific topics.
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The Menu

We have several menu in TRAVLG™; the main menu; language option menu; secondary menu at the top of every page; and the footer menu at the bottom of the page. You can access all my post from the main menu, the main menu filtered our posts by categories. It's also filtered our posts by destination places.

if you want to see all post, you can go to "My Travelogue" in secondary menu

Main Menu

This menu can be seen clearly. You can access all articles by it's category, you also can access our posts by it's destination place. This menu is the main navigation center in this website. This menu is also a sticky menu, it means that even you scroll down the page, you can still see the main menu at the top of the page.


Main menu, our main navigation.

Main menu in Sticky mode

Main menu in Sticky mode

About - Below the About link, you can find the information of this website on ABOUT TRAVLG™, and my personal; (the writer) contact info on CONTACT page.
START HERE - the navigation to this page.
My Journey - All Posts with "my journey" category.
Others - under this navigation menu you can find posts about:
  • Culinary - Posts with culinary category
  • Ho(s)tel - Posts with accommodation category
  • Info & Tips - Our travel info and tips
  • Thoughts - this is my thoughts, idea or maybe could be my travel plan
  • Travelmate - our posts about travel gear
  • And the others - all posts with categories except we mention above.

By Destination - All posts filtered by destination places.
The Story - stories of the journey that I went through or I want to plan in several places at one trip.

Secondary Menu


The Travelogue - If you want to see all posts in this site, you should go to here. You can see all the posts without any category filter.
Maps - Here you can find some tourism map, transportation routes and other map.
Resources - This page contains all resources that I use for my trip or for this site.

Footer Menu


the footer menu

You can find this menu at the bottom of any page. It contains:

Archives - Posts archives page
Privacy & Cookies Policy - Our privacy & cookies policy
Sitemap - The sitemap of this website